No Offense

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Small Groups and St. Mary's Church

Small groups are where our large church gets small.  Small groups meet to discuss faith, go deeper into a weekly message and to support one another in their relationship with Christ. 


Small groups are a place to explore, share, ask questions and grow.  Small groups make it possible for us to gather in the midst of the pandemic to deepen our fellowship and faith.

Our program this year is called, "No Offense."  In this Lenten Experience, we will look at the importance of responding to injury with grace as God did. 

Below, you will find the resources for you to follow along at home with our Small Group Lenten Experience.

Support Groups


for "No Offense"

Notes and Discussion Questions


About the Video Series

The videos we have for our "No Offense" Small Groups Experience are from the Church of the Nativity, out of Timonium, Maryland.  They are used with permission,

but do have announcements at the beginning

of the videos relating to their church, not St. Mary's Church.


Lenten Homilies