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Joyful Arrival

Dear Parish Family,

Our day has arrived! I can’t fully express just how happy I am to be here as your new pastor. The chance to lead such a wonderful and historic parish in the middle of such a thriving little city at the base of God’s beautiful Adirondacks – it’s an honor and a joy beyond description.

When Bishop Ed asked me to come here, he told me that it’s one of the grandest parishes in the diocese with a tremendous and proud history. “And yet,” he said, with the renaissance currently happening in Glens Falls, “The best days at St. Mary’s… may still be ahead. St. Mary’s fullest potential has not yet been realized.”

I am honored to be the one the bishop has asked to advance the mission of St. Mary’s at this time in our history and lead our community in putting God first… loving and serving others… and growing week by week in our commitment to the way of life Jesus lived and taught as his disciples.

And what doubts could I possibly have about being in right place with our 145-year parish connection to SMSA Regional Catholic School?! I spent seven years as a theology teacher at Catholic school at both the high school and middle school level and I am a passionate Catholic educator. I fell in love with SMSA the second I walked in! I am so grateful to partner with Principal Patty Balmer in helping the almost 200 children there to grow in wisdom and holiness with powerful minds…prayerful hearts…and helping hands.

Pope St. John the 23rd once said that the role of a parish was to be like a fountain the the center of a town that was open not just to Catholics, but to all, so that “everyone could come and take a drink.”

When I found out that St. Mary’s was a block from Fountain Square, I knew that I had found my home. And I could see clearly that Bishop Ed was right – our best days at St. Mary’s and SMSA are still ahead.

We will face our challenges the way our ancestors did – with faith and resolve – and will open wide the doors to St. Mary’s so that the living water springing up here may be available for the refreshment of all.

Your grateful new pastor…

Father Scott

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