St. Mary's Church has been working hard on

establishing a NEW VISION.  

As a Parish, we want to be proactive in reaching out

in this time where people are not affiliated with Church.  

We want to make DISCIPLES, who want to SERVE  using the GIFTS  and TALENTS  that God has given them.

Will you be a part of our NEW VISION?



St. Mary's has joined a nationally recognized movement called "Rebuilt." 

It shows Catholic Churches, through mentorship programs, how to forge a new path for their Parish, toward evangelization and discipleship. 

We want to be able to grow in attendance,

deepen involvement in our church, and invigorate our faith.

Rebuilt's program is based on four distinct areas, or pillars, of growth.

If you would like to learn more about the Rebuilt program,

check out the link below.   




We are currently working on our plan for St. Mary's Church,

and we will be sharing that plan on social media. 

Please keep checking back for updates!

The Rebuilt Luminary Kits helped our community

come closer together and

experience the light of Jesus 

during the 2020 Christmas Season! 

Check out the LUMINARIES that shone in

our community on Christmas Eve!

St. Mary's Parish Luminary Gallery

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


If you would like to contact the leaders of the Recharge Team, who are helping to lead us on our journey, click on the email links below.

Or, please consider volunteering! 

Click the link below to send us your information.



of St. Mary's Church

St. Mary’s Church seeks to make the Gospel relevant by honoring the past while building a strong FAITH for today and tomorrow; providing a sense of belonging and safety to its parochial FAMILY, reaching out to those who never found the Church, and those who have lost their connection to the Church; and sustaining an active level of SERVICE in the parish and in our community.