Recharge and REBUILT!

St. Mary's Church is excited to be joining a nationally recognized program called "Rebuilt."  It is a wonderful program that shows Catholic Churches across the nation how to grow attendance and deepen involvement in our church.  This program incorporates successful aspects of mega-churches across the world, tailored specifically for the Catholic faith.


The program is known for its revitalization and evangelization, and will help our Parish to grow in faith.  It includes professional online training for the pastor and church leaders, as well as a coach to help us tailor a solution for our own St. Mary's Church. 

The graphic below demonstrates the four-pillared system of the Rebuilt program.



More details will soon follow.  Please keep checking back for more information!  If you would like to help, or would like more information, please contact one of the following Recharge Committee members:





62 Warren Street
Glens Falls, NY 12801

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