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Contact us at St. Mary's

St. Mary's Pastor

Please contact Fr. Scott if you have questions about:

* Pastoral Care

* Clergy Assistance

* Annointing of the Sick

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Business & Operations Manager

Please contact Gary if you have questions about:

* Any of the buildings & grounds on the St. Mary's campus

* St. Mary's Cemetery or St. Alphonsus Cemetery

* Funerals at St. Mary's

* Weddings at St. Mary's

Communications Director & Next Generation Coordinator


Please contact Emily if you have questions about:

* St. Mary's weekly bulletin

* St. Mary's Facebook or Instagram posts

* Flocknote weekly emails

* St. Mary's Website

* Grades 5 though 12 youth programming


Volunteer Coordinator

Please contact Alison if you have questions about:

* Joining an existing parish or community outreach ministry at St. Mary's

* Starting a new ministry at St. Mary's

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Sacramental Coordinator

Please contact Lisa if you have questions about:

* Baptisms

* Confirmation

* Wedding rehearsals

*Grades Pre-K - 4 youth programming


Music Director

Please contact Ben if you have questions about:

* St. Mary's Church music ministry

* Music for weddings or funerals


Next Generation admin

Please contact Mary Ann if you have questions about:

*Students in need of Individualized Faith Formation



Please contact Charlie if you have questions about:

* Accounts payable

* Accounts receivable


RCIA Coordinators

Please contact Jean & Gordon if you have questions about:

* Adults becoming baptized Christians through the Catholic faith

* Baptized, Christian adults joining the Catholic Church.


Deacon, Clergy Assistance

Retired, Clergy Assistance


Father Joseph Manorowski

Retired, Clergy Assistance

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