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St. Mary's Small Groups

Grow Your Faith

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” 

- Matthew 18:20 -

Fr. Scott's Weekly Discussion Guides

Discussion Guides - PDF downloads

Why Small Groups?

Small groups are where our large church gets small.  Small groups meet to discuss faith, go deeper into a weekly message and to support one another in their relationship with Christ. 

Small groups are a place to explore, share, ask questions, and grow.  Small groups make it possible for us to gather in the midst of the pandemic to deepen our fellowship and faith.

What Happens in Small Groups?

A host guides each group, which meets for

an hour online.  Here is the format:

  •  15 minutes of fellowship

  •  Opening prayer

  •  Watch the scheduled video on the weekly Lenten theme

  •  Discussion following weekly questions as a guide

  •  Announcements

  •  Closing prayer

SG Messages
Looking to deepen your faith and continue with your Small Group?  

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