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Personal Prayer Time with the Lord

Find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed. Sit in a comfortable chair. Note the time and then aim for staying in place for a half-hour. Place yourself in the presence of God and visualize yourself in the company of Christ. Then, follow this format:

Consider these words as coming from the Lord:

"My son/daughter, it is not necessary to know much to please me, it suffices to remain in my company and to love me. Speak to me as you would do to your intimate friend.

Have you no one to talk to me about? Tell me the names of your spouse, your children, your grandchildren, your relatives, your brothers, your sisters. After each of these names, tell me what you wish me to do for them. Ask much for them. Ask much. I love generous hearts who forget themselves for others.

Tell me about the sick and the poor that you want me to comfort. Tell me about those you see suffering. Tell me about the stray sheep you see wandering. Tell me about the wicked you wish converted, the persons you have quarreled with, those whom you wish to reconcile with. Say a short prayer for them now. Remember, I have promised to hear every prayer coming from your heart.

Have you not some graces to ask for yourself? Tell me all the wants of your soul. If you wish, write them down and read them to me. If not, speak them to me.

Then tell me how you fall short of your hope of living holy life in my image. Don't be discouraged by your sins and faults but look realistically - a child of God but weak and tempted. Tell me about how sensual, proud, susceptible, selfish, cowardly, and lazy you can be. Ask me to come and help you overcome all these failings. Don't blush. There are many of the saints in heaven who had all of these faults and asked me to cure them of them and who, little by little, overcame themselves.

Don't hesitate to ask me for the good of the body and the mind: health, memory, and success. I can give all, and I give when it is to render the soul more holy. What do you wish today, my son/daughter? If only you knew how long to do you good!

Tell me about your work and your projects...tell me all the details, what you think of, what you hope for. Is it to make a living, to give pleasure to your relatives, or to those who depend on you? And for me, will you not wish something? Will you not wish to do a little good to the souls of your family and friends whom you love and who perhaps forget me?

Tell me in what do you interest yourself. Explain to me your want of success. I will show you the cause. Whom would you like to have joined you in your plan? I am the Master of all hearts, my son/daughter, and I lead them where I will. I will place those necessary for you near to you, be assured.

Tell me about your troubles. Who has pained you? Who has hurt your pride? Who doesn't like you? Tell me, and finish up by saying you will try to forgive and try to reconcile.

Do you fear some trouble? Do you have some fear with reason perhaps but which torments your heart? Confide in me, I am there, I know all and I can help you. Have you family or friends around you who seem less kind, indifferent to you , without, as far as you know, any just cause? Pray for them to me. I will bring them back if they are necessary for your comfort.

Have you no joys to tell me about? You and I know there are countless blessings around. Since yesterday, what gave you pleasure? An unexpected call or visit which cheered you, a fear dispersed, a mark of affection, a note, a present, a trial lifted? All these, I send. Say out loud the words, 'Thank you.' Gratitude brings down blessings and this giver loves to be reminded of your love.

I read the bottom of your heart. You know I do. Know that I am with you always and I see in you the beauty that a father sees in his children. Resolve again to avoid sin, imitate me, and stay on the path of life. Stay away from people and things that do you harm, things which excite your imaginations and trouble your peace of soul. Be amiable and gentle with the "rough spirits" you come across in your life. Be silent, modest, submissive to the order of the t hings I have set in place, and be charitable. Remember you have a Mother in heaven who loves you too, and works for your good. And come again tomorrow. I'll be here waiting. I will have ready for you new favors, new graces, and my loving embrace."

-Adapted from "Straight From the Heart" by F. Maria Ladra

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