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Bulletin Updates from Father Tom

Mass during the pandemic:

We are planning to livestream Sunday Mass each week at 11:15 AM on Facebook. We received such positive feedback about our broadcasts on Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. God-willing, we’ll continue to use this new platform to stay in touch with you and to provide Holy Mass to you in your homes.

We continue to need your financial support:

I am so grateful to so many of you who have sent in a contribution using our Special Appeal Collection Envelope. I am also grateful to those who are sending in their regular envelopes each week. Your contributions, during this time of pandemic, help us stabilize our income and our ability to pay our bills. I’m also happy to see that many have opted to enroll in our e-giving program. This new, automated way of contributing is helping to stem the enormous challenge that we – and all non-profits – are facing in these times. Please consider enrolling in our e-giving program. To sign up, please go to our website.

Our Food Pantry is successfully helping others:

I want to thank the dedicated volunteers who are both running and working in our parish Food Pantry each Friday. The work of the pantry is astounding! A great many individuals and families are being helped each week because of them and your food and cash donations. Please leave any food items you wish to donate inside the vestibule of our church, anytime the church is open during the week. We’ll see to it that what you donate is given out to those who come to us for assistance.

Staying in touch with us during the pandemic:\

Go to Facebook: press search button and type: St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Glens Falls, NY

Get the MyParish app: text App to 88202

Go to our parish website:

Would you send us your email address? We need it to put you in our Flocknote system, a new system we’ve installed so that we can keep in touch with you easily. To do so, go to our website listed above.

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