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Welcome to Staff, Gary Patton!

Dear Parish Family,

After much praying and a thorough search for candidates, it’s a joy to report that through the movement and working of the Holy Spirit, Gary Patton will be joining St. Mary’s Staff as the Manager of our Business & Operations matters, beginning on Monday, April 25.

Gary has been a business owner and entrepreneur for more than 25 years and has extensive background in project management, sales, construction and logistics. He has the exact blend of experience we need to help us meet the goals we have as a growing parish in a booming downtown while managing our campus of large historic buildings. He knows how to work with contracts and contractors, to save money by eliminating inefficient spending, and to establish relationships that will help our parish have an even bigger impact in our community. His appointment was a unanimous decision of the interview team.

Gary has been a member of our parish for the past nine years since he and his wife Lisa moved here from Louisiana. He has been a volunteer member of our Strategy Team that meets twice a month and has dedicated hundreds of hours of his time for the good of St.

Mary’s. He was also the volunteer coordinator of our church and rectory cleanup day. Lisa and Gary have been the volunteers at the Welcome Desk at the 11:15 Mass since its inception and Lisa is also our volunteer Baptism Coordinator.

When you consider all this, can you see why it’s obvious that the Holy Spirit led him here? It’s hard to imagine a better fit for us all. We look forward to welcoming Gary aboard in this new role he’ll have in the parish he loves.


Father Scott

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