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Seriously, God?

Small Groups Resources

Small Groups and
St. Mary's Church

Small Groups are where our large church gets small.  Small Groups meet to discuss faith, go deeper into a weekly message and to support one another in their relationship with Christ.  In Small Groups, relationships are formed while members explore, share, and grow together.

Our Lenten program this year is called,

"Seriously, God?", based on a book

by Fr. Michael White and Tom Corcoran.

Sometimes life and God’s plan don’t make sense, and we end up feeling hurt and angry.  In this series, we will explore the denial, doubt, and betrayal we experience when we face hardship, pain, and grief, and learn how to lean into our feelings and to take each circumstance as a chance to learn more about God.

Below, you will find the resources for you to follow along at home with our Small Group Lenten Experience.